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AMS logoHeleneThe Alberta Mycological Society is a non-profit organization that was founded by Prof. Randy Currah and Helene (Leni) Schalkwijk-Barendsen in 1987. From the modest beginnings of the Edmonton Mushroom Club with a small local membership comprised of professional and amateur mushroom lovers, we became the Edmonton Mycological Society. We changed our name in 2007 to the Alberta Mycological Society in response to our increasing influence in all things mycological in Alberta and our growing province-wide membership and activities. We have recently celebrated our 25th Anniversary with almost 400 members from across Alberta and beyond.

Ongoing activities include the study of the diversity and roles of fungi, providing educational programs to the public, seasonal forays into the Rocky Mountain foothills and southern boreal forest, mushroom identification workshops, annual mushroom expositions ("City of Champignons"), development of lists of fungi from various ecosystems across Alberta, and an annual gourmet mushroom dinner (the "President's Dinner"). Our premier educational event is “The Great Alberta Mushroom Foray”, held in a different Alberta location every year. This event is an extended weekend of mushroom-immersion: picking, learning, participating and socializing.

Parks and Protected Areas Outstanding Group Steward AwardWe are a member of Nature Alberta. The Alberta Mycological Society is also an Alberta Poison Liaison link and a Volunteer Steward for the Poplar Creek Natural Area, near Breton. In 2006, we received the Parks and Protected Areas Outstanding Group Steward Award for our commitment to the Poplar Creek Natural Area since 1992.

We welcome everyone to join our Society and learn along with us about fungi. To become a member of AMS, please complete a Membership Form.

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