AMS at Devon

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This year we're being honoured by the Devon Public library.  We have our very own mushroom exhibit Now - August 28 2018. 

As you may know, for several years we’ve had annual Photo Contests, which have produced many beautiful photos. We use these photos for posters, educational presentations, and to add to our Alberta Database of Fungi. Now, we have the unique opportunity to showcase the best to visitors at the Devon Public Library. The library has been most gracious in assisting us with preparing a most striking visual impact display.  In the future, we are hoping that this display will travel around to other locations in Alberta, bringing enhanced appreciation of fungi to the general public, as well as stronger recognition to our Society.

Please plan on visiting the Devon Public Library for this exciting mushroom photo display! Perhaps one of your own photos will be there… We look forward to your comments on Forum on our website once you’ve had a chance to take a look.  Enjoy!

Street address:  110 17 Athabasca Avenue Devon, AB



Layout by Sean Simpson, of Sean Simpson Design 

Photographs by: Stuart Cranston, Ken Dies, Anne Elliott, Betty Fisher, Keiton Fjoser, Jeanette Gasser, Mary-Jo Gurba-Flanagan, Linda Kershaw, Chris Kolacz, Jim Malenczak, Chad Moss, Thea Moss, Denise O’Reilly, Martin Osis, John Plischke III, Robert Rogers, Shelly Stobee, John Thompson, Pieter van der schoot


Mushrooms at the Museum