Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

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To keep a society like ours going, we rely on people like you to give as much as you take.  Here are some opportunities to make our society more vibrant.

If you can spare some free time, please do consider signing up as a volunteer for one, or several, of these committees.  You will find the work rewarding, and it will truly benefit our society.  

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Archivist / Librarian

Are you a great organizer? We need you to organize and maintain Society archives and monitor our AMS library.

Culinary Committee

An exciting group that will work together, at different society events, to organize food services. These will include serving mushroom dishes at our annual expo and experimenting and preparing some wild mushrooms for tasting on forays. We hope to develop some foraging and preserving skills to build an inventory of these wild treats to serve at different functions and challenge new chefs.

Database Committee

Our online database is a rersource for our members, the public at large, and for mycologists studying fungal biodiversity from all over the world. Our committee requires diverse people bringing different skills to the table. These varied skills include: some technical mycological background, computer background, dealing with digital images, inputting info into spreadsheets.

Education Committee

This is a committee perfect for educators, dedicated to developing and working toward enhancing Fungal Educational Resources both for Society use andmor importantly to bring into Alberta Schools.  If you have experience in developing curriculum or putting programming together, especially web-based programs, we can use your help.


Do you have an accounting background? On occasion, we look for expertise or advice regarding our financial books.  As well, we usually always need some assistance handling money at events, or even doing a bit of basic inputting of data.

Fundraising Committee

The Society is always looking for support in many of the research and educational programs we work on. If you have any experience in writing grant proposals, researching funders, or fund raising in general, please let us know.


Communication with our members is of the utmost importance. This communication role is educational for both the volunteer and the members. Interested in a topic? Research and write an article. It's an amazing way to learn!

PAWMA (Pick a wild mushroom Alberta!)

This is a long standing committee that has been working on getting our Leccinum Boreale, the Red Top, officially named as Alberta's mushroom symbol. We often call upon members to contact their MLAs at short notice as bills go forward. When these opportunities come up, we need people to act fast. If you have the ear of a particular politician, please mention that a provincial mushroom is of importance to you and your community, or give us an introduction.

Regional Contact

Would you like to be a local contact person for your region? You may organize minor forays or educational meetings.

Risk Management

Help identify and mitigate risks that the AMS may incur to advise the Board of same; Committee may include members with legal, financial, medical, or other backgrounds.

Photo Contest

Each year the Society holds a photo contest. We need members to help find prizes, with judging, and with cataloguing our Library of Photos.

Sales / Inventory

Help out our Sales Coordinator with sales at events, or with online orders, and help maintain our inventory.

Special Event Managers

Project managers and assistants required for special events (AGM, Expos, Great Alberta Mushroom Foray, or other events).

Technology Committee

Help bring the Society into the future. We research and implement ways to apply new technologies to our daily operations.


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Please choose one or more volunteer options from the list below. Thank you for helping out!