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TOPIC: Identification Query - Mushroom growing indoors

Identification Query - Mushroom growing indoors 4 months 1 week ago #3189

I am not familiar with mushrooms and which ones to be concerned about when encountered in vegetable gardens.
I am wintering perennial herbs and other plants indoors.
A pot of chives that is emerging in one of the pots originating from my garden has also a mushroom that has grown.

Can anyone comment on the type of mushroom, whether to be concerned about it (poisonous??) in the pot and out in the garden from where the plant originated. If the mushroom itself is poisonous does it pose any concerns to the 'food' growing in its midst.

Any other discussion regarding this type of mushroom showing up in Edmonton vegetable gardens is appreciated.

Photos attached


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Identification Query - Mushroom growing indoors 4 months 1 week ago #3190

  • Martin Osis
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The problem with small mushrooms is that they usually shrivel and dry up before you can figure out what you have. All mushroom ID starts with a spore print, where you take the mushroom and place the cap on a piece of paper so the spores falling from the gills accumulate so you can see the colour of them. The question on this one is, are the spores, light- white to beige, medium or dark. I suspect either a beige or a medium clay brown spore print.

We can not say if they are poisonous or not until we can positively put a name to them. Few mushrooms fall into a category of poisonous, most not edible because they do not have a good flavour, texture or some other similar character flaw. A few mushrooms are delicious gourmet delights. The mushroom you have doesn't look like an obvious known poisonous mushroom or a gourmet edible. Also unlike man made chemicals which can be extremely toxic, mushrooms usually require a larger dose to create a negative effect. While poisonous mushrooms can make you sick there are actually very few deadly mushrooms, especially in Alberta. There are no issues of chemicals being transfered from the mushroom.

Fungi occur in all soils in the form tiny filiaments called mycelium from which they exude different enzymes to recycle organic material or form mutually beneficial relationships with the roots of the plants. Both of which are very positve things. They only form mushrooms when they want to reproduce. This occurs when conditions are perfect or the fungus feels threatened because of a loss of habitat which is likely the case with the limitations of the pot.

Hope that helps and do not hesitate to observe further fruitings and send in some more information and we can possibly help get an ID for you. With the slight fringe and what appears to be a scruffy stem it may be a cystoderma.
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