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Mushroom ID Request - READ BEFORE POSTING 5 years 8 months ago #436

If you are submitting a Mushroom ID please follow these guidelines:
  1. Submit one mushroom ID request at a time. We don’t want to have any confusion about which mushroom we are discussing.
  2. Please include a spore colour. This is one of the most critical identification features of a gilled mushroom. Cut the stem off the cap and place it on a piece of paper and cover it with a bowl or lid of some kind. In three to four hours you will have a spore print.
  3. Always include a photo of the underside of the mushroom.
  4. Include a cut through the cap and down the stalk if possible. How the gills attach to the stem or stalk is a critical identification feature.
  5. Make sure you have included the base of the mushroom.
  6. Please note any unique smells and / or bruising or colour changes in the flesh.
  7. Where was the mushroom growing? i.e on a piece of wood, on the ground, in your lawn, what trees were nearby, etc

Thank you!
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