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TOPIC: Dog Ingested these mushrooms

Dog Ingested these mushrooms 2 years 7 months ago #2547

I am a veterinarian looking for help identifying these mushrooms. The 9 yo dog ingested some of these mushrooms and within ~ 30 minutes started vomiting and drooling and was just acting out of it. Pet was immediately seen by an ER clinic and his liver enzymes have sky rocketed along with severe bloody diarrhea. The ER is assuming it was related to the mushrooms but this is a pretty severe case of mushroom toxicity for me considering these mushroom don't appear that "evil looking" to me.
This is the only picture the owner's gave me.
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Dog Ingested these mushrooms 2 years 7 months ago #2548

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Where did this occur?

Regretfully the picture doesn't give a lot of characteristics. It kind of looks like one of the inky caps, coprinopsis sp but that should not have any toxic effects. There are a couple of other possibilities such as Inocybe sp. This could cause your problems, the main toxin is Muscarine. Typical PSL symptoms and gastrointestinal distress.

If the owner can get a photo of the underside that would be helpful. Both mushrooms have caps that split. If the mushroom has black gills and very thin cap then its the coprinopsis and look for another cause. The gills of the Inocybe are a medium grey brown along with the spore print. Most likely its this especially with the drooling.
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