Keep forays fun for all - follow these simple rules of etiquette

As our society grows, we see more and more people out on our official AMS forays.  That is fabulous! The more the merrier!  However, there is a downside to these increased numbers. We have more people competing for the same space and the same mushrooms.  There are also some other problems that arise. With all of these issues in mind, we thought it was prudent to list a few simple etiquette rules that will make forays more fun for all.

Remember, official AMS forays are about education and not how many edibles you can collect. The primary goal is not to fill your baskets to the brim.  The point of these forays is to help educate members on where to pick, what to look for, how to identify, etc. It is also about science and the AMS reserves the right to any of the mushrooms for its use ( i.e. herbarium, DNA analysis, for AMS projects like the chaga tonic we made in February, or mushrooms we might need for culinary purposes such as the expo, presidents dinner or other events such as future culinary classes.)

Give a person some space to pick.

  • Give at least a three foot area around them
  • Don't jump in front of someone to grab a mushroom.  They may have already seen the mushroom and are heading to it to pick it.

Please don't be greedy

  • Don't run ahead and pick all the mushrooms.
  • If you find a lot of mushrooms call some of the newbies over so they can pick some.
  • If you have too many mushrooms, share, don't waste.
  • Share anyway, it will do your soul good.
  • If you are leaving a lot of mushrooms behind, let the group know so others can go pick there.

Be on time for meetings, lunch etc.

  • It is unfair to make other members wait for you, or to search for you, because you didn't show up at the agreed upon time.


  • This is an absolute must.  Be back on time and DO NOT LEAVE without signing yourself out.  The foray leader is responsible for you, and cannot leave until they know you are safely out of the bush. (It is unfair to expect a fellow AMS member to have to track you down via phone because you didn't follow proper procedures.)
  • If you want to go picking again after the first foray, you are free to go out on your own, AFTER you sign out.

Stay In touch

  • If you are traveling in a small group (1-3 people), and are traveling a long way from the main group, let someone know in which direction you are heading.


  • If the group is lucky enough to have a mycologist, we should ask if there is anything in particular they are looking for and try to help them out.  Give the mycologist some time to talk.


  • If someone is trying to take a photo, don't stage the shot for them.  (They may have wanted to show how well the mushroom hides - not to show the entire mushroom.)