Mushrooms Across The Province

Alberta w Mushroom Basket

We have active members and mushroom activities happening all over the province.

A number of weekend forays are planned that members can get out to. Hi-lighting this, every year we hold our Great Alberta Mushroom Foray in a different location in the Province. This foray is part of the real science we do investigating and recording the fungal biodiversity of our Province (which no one else is doing). We bring in experts from all over the world to help us identify the mushrooms. During the foray we hold an introductory mushroom identification course for beginners and those wanting a refresher. This year will also be offering a microscopy course for members wanting to enhance and develop some new mushroom identification skills. It is a weekend immersed in picking, identifying and generally talking mushrooms plus someone usually cracks out a pan and we get to try some tasting. Good times…. This year’s Great Alberta Mushroom Foray will be held in TBA

We also have Regional activities. Regions include:Alberta w Mushroom Province

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Central Alberta
  • Fort McMurray
  • Northern Foothills
  • Peace River 

Regions give local members more opportunities to get together with fellow enthusiasts and learn from each other and have some company as you pursue exploring your interest. One of our initiatives is to hold “Forays in your neighbourhood”. These are often held on week nights or weekends, depending on your region and who steps up to organize it. Many people are afraid to volunteer doing this because they don’t think they can identify all the mushrooms. For anyone who has attended a Great Alberta Mushroom Foray, they soon learn that no matter how many world class experts you might have you’ll never identify all the mushrooms. Some all ways remain a mystery…..
If you don’t see your region listed and would like to see more activity in your area, consider volunteering. Pick a time and a location in your area and we will list it on the website. You’ll probably make some new friends and have some company picking. You may get one of our more experienced members coming out and helping identify some of the mushrooms or even giving a mushroom talk right in your area.